You can get a maximum of 9 ad-blocks.
The website will be auctioned on –

Terms and Conditions

• The site’s content must be in English
• The minimum amount you can get is 1 block (20×20 pixels), the maximum purchase is whatever is left
• When you ‘get’ my blocks you will not ‘own’ part of the webpage or this site, but rather you are granted the right to submit an image and link which will then be published on the webpage
• It is advised to have a background color to your logo picture, otherwise the ad-grid lines will be visible
• No obscene/offensive/adult images/virus and alike advertisements and links will be accepted, and I decide what is appropriate for my site. If you submit an image or link that is rejected, you will have the opportunity to provide an alternative
• If your link is accepted and you later change the content of the linked site to show or force offensive/obscene/adult/scam/virus material then your link will be removed until you provide a new one
• Images must be the exact size you have paid for (eg. 400 pixels = 20×20 pixels, 800 pixels = 20×40 pixels etc.)
• Images must be in PNG or JPEG format, and a reasonable file size
• Images must not be animated (imagine how messy the homepage would look)
• Links must be to web pages only and begin with https://
• There might be occasional downtime for site maintenance but I’ll try and keep these to a minimum

E-mail – [email protected]
Discord – BitcoinRoot#7756, BitcoinRoot#6965